Let’s co-develop a solution to solve
your biggest process problems.

Automate any process end-to-end with advanced task bots.

Here’s what we’ll do.

When you invest in DocuPhase, you invest in more than just our advanced technology. You invest in our knowledge, our skills, and our experience with solving business process problems. It’s these skill sets that allow us to deliver the quickest implementations with the most success. It’s not just what we do. It’s how we do it.


Our Professional Services Team will meet with your whole business to educate them on the DocuPhase ECM and Progression Workflow.


After meeting with your team, we’ll conduct an analysis of common business processes and create workflow models.


Next, we’ll work with project teams to ensure that all activities associated with a project have proper ownership, responsibility and accountability for work efforts.


Finally, DocuPhase will develop performance measurement systems and comprehensive management reporting to ensure effective processes.

[DocuPhase] and their team studied our processes and developed a solution that met our needs and leveraged our existing systems. Highly recommended.

Chief Information Officer at Operation PAR


After 16 years in business, we have helped over 500 companies solve their greatest business process challenges. Every company is different and we have touched almost every industry.

360-Degree View

DocuPhase works with all departments and all levels, allowing us to co-develop a solution that works for every employee,  further ensuring that it will be a complete success for everyone involved.


We’re committed to creating a solution that will transform your business. By talking about your processes before we talk about technology, we can ensure that we develop your ideal solution.

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