Efficient and easy conversion
of data to power your business.

The Problem.

Data is transferred into your business around the clock. Whether it is physical mail, faxes, emails or images, it’s your job to efficiently and accurately capture the data, and route it to the next step in the business process. How can you remove this low-value activity and replace it with technology that will give your business a much higher ROI?

The Solution.

DocuPhase features an intuitive capture tool that automatically scans, sorts, and indexes documents before submitting them to DocuPhase. Using advanced capture technology such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), DocuPhase provides true transport of documents and full functionality in a disconnected environment.

A Virtual Workforce tailored specifically for your role and needs.


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Character Recognition

Regardless of format or location, the DocuPhase Data Capture tool allows businesses to easily capture and validate header and line item details, allowing the information to become instantly available in DocuPhase.

Mobile Capture

The ability to instantly capture information from a mobile device enables remote workers, increases employee productivity, and allows your employees to get an early start on critical processes anywhere, any time.

Data Exchange

Automated indexing reduces manual data entry, and our deep integration with Microsoft products makes capturing information from Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint a breeze and a click.

Reduce Human Error

By capturing data using technology, human error is removed. In addition, transcription errors from manual forms are reduced using advanced scanning, OCR, and line-item extraction.

Automated Indexing

With electronic Data Capture and advanced scanning tools, documents no longer need to be manually indexed. This reduces errors, which leads to increased productivity and an improved bottom line.

Access to Information

By capturing data electronically, information is immediately available to everyone involved in the business process. This reduces the cycle time as well as the resources required to keep your business moving.

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According to a report by The Intersect Group, 60 percent of the cost of finance is tracked to labor such as manual data entry. Consider how long data entry takes for your business now, and how much it would be worth if your organization removed that step.

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