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The Problem

Your business has fallen victim to manual, paper-driven processes. Productivity is low, thanks to the countless hours your employees spend creating documents, searching for data, filing and organizing, and entering data. Whats more, you’re wasting company dollars on the cost of paper, ink and energy for printing, copying and faxing.

The Solution

Implement a Document Management system to make all documents and information in your organization available at the fingertips of the employees who need it, at the exact moment they need it. This will ensure that your employees spend time productively, instead of wasting their considerable talents searching for, routing and filing documents.

A Virtual Workforce tailored specifically for your role and needs.


Human Resources


Customer Service


Your Business

Records Management

Document Management software brings fluid features to a standardized industry, including full-text search, routing, and powerful auto-indexing. These features reduce the time it takes to manage records manually, while keeping records secure.

Dynamic Linking

DocuPhase software seamlessly integrates with existing line-of-business applications, so documents and records are updated once and pushed to other databases and systems. Eliminate double-entry to keep disparate systems in sync.

Process Automation

A “Lite” version of our powerful Process Automation software comes with all implementations of our Document Management solution. Based on user permissions, this allows for document routing based around data receipt or completion.

Scalable Solution

Businesses are always bracing for the next major growth effort. With an agile Document Management system, you are ready to handle the influx of new work and employees can continue adding value where it matters most.

Access to Information

DocuPhase makes all of the information in your business simplified, translated, and made available to every employee who needs it. Time spent searching for, recreating, and moving documents is now eliminated.

Process Control

People will find ways to get business done until you give them only one way to do it. As you discover bottlenecks, flaws, or other aspects that need to be addressed, you have the ability to change the process in real time.

Case Study: DocuPhase’s Document Management system allowed Helen Ellis Memorial Hospital to free up an entire room that contained 33 file cabinets containing two years’ worth of records.

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