HR Automation

Increase the ease and efficiency of employee onboarding with Robotic Process Automation.

Empower Workers to Increase Productivity.

Human Resources is typically an over-worked and under-staffed department. By automating employee onboarding and other common time-consuming tasks, the Human Resources department can add value to the organization while still completing work in an accurate and timely manner.

Automating the Onboarding Process.

1. Seek Out

Without integration, many people are entering the same information into different internal applications. By leveraging electronic forms, you can ask your new hire for information once, then share it internally with just one click. 

2. Welcome

Once the employee is hired, Robotic Workflow Automation will automatically deliver any necessary paperwork – W-4, I-9, non-disclosure agreement, etc. – to the new hire upon arrival, help them get to work right away.

3. Follow Up

Once onboarded, workflows can be created for annual reviews and promotions. With this, you’re ensuring that every team member is held accountable and that nothing falls through the cracks – especially in high-volume situations.

Go Digital to Go Mobile.

Turn slow, paper-driven processes into automated tasks driven by electronic documents. DocuPhase’s Document Management and Wet Signature toolset allows users to sign forms on-to-go using a stylus or finger on a touch screen, or a track pad or mouse on a desktop. Authenticated users have the ability to digitally sign a section, lock it down and prevent data tampering.


DocuPhase integrates with common line-of-business applications, such as SAP, Oracle and Sage. By drawing information from these systems, there is no need for duplicate entries, repeated work, and unnecessary tasks.

Task Routing

With Robotic Process Automation, common HR processes can be designed by the decision makers in the organization. No more worrying about employee handbooks and reference guides.


In paper-driven processes, security requirements mean limited access and locked cabinets. With digital Document Management, HR becomes a fortress of secure data that can be accessed within a web browser.


By automating document routing and repetitive tasks involving tax forms, hiring documents and other applications, your Human Resources team can focus on high-value tasks with undivided attention and haste.

Case Study: HR Automation helps Goodwill Industries garner over $100,000 in annual savings.

Approximately 35% of Goodwill of Middle Tennessee’s workforce is replaced annually as employees move into other opportunities. This ever-shifting team and the associated documents generate a surplus of paper, resulting in intimidating filing cabinets and the potential for lost paperwork. By implementing a Virtual Workforce, Goodwill was able to reduce time spent on paperwork by 25%.

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