Web Forms connect your
information with your company.

The Problem.

Your employees are shifting through forms with this information, forms with that information, and forms with information that was already provided in the first two forms. In simple terms, your wasting your valuable time, resources and money.

The Solution.

Web Forms are easy to create, easy to use, and easy to manage. They are a powerful way to bring information to a forward-facing place on the internet, accessible by anyone who needs it. Best of all, Web Forms use your existing web browser and requires no programming to develop or deploy.

A Virtual Workforce tailored specifically for your role and needs.


Human Resources


Customer Service


Your Business

Access to Information

By capturing data as it enters your organization, information becomes immediately available. This improves efficiency and reduces the resources required to keep your business moving forward.

Remote Access

Businesses are on-the-go, and the days of employees being physically in the office are over. Using electronic forms to consolidate information allows users to access data remotely from one user interface.

Data Share

By using electronic forms to power your processes, data and information will be shared with the right people the instant they need it. Data share can be used in one process, or across the entire enterprise.

Eliminate Paper

By eliminating paper and using electronic forms, you simplify your business process and ensure accuracy. With an efficient and paper-free process, your ability to remain compliant and agile will improve significantly.

Online Data Input

Reducing paper in your business process provides an immediate return. Online data input simplifies your business and by applying business rules, you are able to control the way information flows through your company.

Eliminate Redundancy

Without integration, employees are entering the same information into different internal applications. This redundancy represents waste and can be eliminated when you integrate electronic forms with your internal disparate systems.

Case Study: DocuPhase’s Web Forms helped Polk State College reduce administrative workload by approximately 80 hours per week.

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