Control your business with
Robotic Process Automation.

The Problem.

Your business is growing, but your efficiency is minimal. Processes are delayed due to slow, manual processes. You know there are bottlenecks, but you don’t have the data to prove where they are. You are experiencing the stress of an un-automated workflow.

The Solution.

Ease the pain of document-intensive business processes with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Not only will you give your business the information it needs to run effectively, you’ll also decrease costs and maximize ROI.

Robotic Process Automation tailored specifically for your role and needs.


Human Resources


Customer Service


Your Business

Process Designer

Our Robotic Process Automation software has a native drag-and-drop process designer that allows you to define how work is done. When the design is complete, a set of web browser applications are deployed, which control how work gets done.

Task Routing

Once you’ve finalized your business workflow, the DocuPhase Virtual Workforce assigns work downstream, taking all important documents and data with it. Once the task is complete, it will move to the next person in the business process.

Intuitive Work Queue

Users in the process are presented with a queue that prioritizes tasks on criticality. Quick searches are available, so management has a direct and detailed view into how work is getting done, and where bottlenecks are occurring.


By controlling the way work gets done, you can measure how effective your business operation strategy is. When change is needed, your business team can adjust your process to address the threats/opportunities in your market.


Welcome change in the marketplace and convert it from a threat to a competitive advantage. In minutes, you can change the way your organization is getting work done without any dependency on internal IT.


Now that you have control of your business process, rest assured knowing that risk has been reduced and your ability to withstand an audit are now greatly improved due to the visibility and transparency gained.

“The biggest benefit we saw from implementing the solution was the efficiencies in man hours and the time of processing loans.”

Mark Huff, Information Systems Manager at AgFirst Farm Credit

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